The universe without diversity is beyond human imagination as the imagination itself gets always enlivened cruising through the world of diversified animates and inanimates; thus resulting in an impulse into the minds of our forefather of forefathers to getting acquainted with the natures of other kinds along with the natures of his own kind from the time immemorial lost, perhaps, into the abyss of the unseen creation! So what!

Their zeal for advancing in search did not stop a bit; rather increasing with the continuous support of science advancement. With multifarious movable and immovable objects and subjects, this earth planet is decorated by the grace of almighty!

However, this page would be continually developed with an intent to attract those knowledge –seekers out of pure academicians who are ardently thirsty for knowing that part of the world— the world of FLORA & FAUNA— where either lacking sufficient supports or being afraid of approaching the unknown they dare not tread. At first let’s enter the world of