Know Thyself


Giving an effort to knowing oneself is a responsibility for any human being. Who the hell am I in the philosophical field of self-knowledge where even many a great man like Aeschylus, Socrates, Plato etc. were in predicament to know their selves! Actually in such searching for self i.e. for knowledge of his/her own sensations, thoughts, beliefs, and other mental states like fear, disgust, love, memory, planning, concentration, etc. everyone gets enlightened more or less throughout his or her life. But no one can be satisfied to the last degree. Some of them may reach the level of completeness materially;

But spiritually almost everyone gets in the long run a big ‘O’      !

So, as for myself, I’m the learner who would keep striving hard for knowing ‘self’ till death.

Being not in poetics

    Writing poems

Selling soul to poetries

    Just wild-goose chase!



With my maiden name—Mohammad Khabir Uddin—I engage myself in writing, teaching, researching; so, you may regard me as an author, a teacher, a researcher!

With my pseudonym—Shaon Muhammad—I would love engaging myself in writing poetries;so you may regard me as a poet!


E – Mission & Vision

With a Vision: being a truthful observant blogger having a microscopic insight in the e-World,
my mission signifies:

As a Booster I’d like to boost you all and to be boosted!
As a Lover I’d like to love you all and to be loved!
As an Organizer I’d like to organize you all and to be organized!
As a Guide I’d like to guide you all and to be guided!
As a Guardian I’d like to guard you all and to be guarded!
As an Educator I’d like to educate you all and to be educated!
As a Receiver I’d like to receive you all and to be received!
As a BLOGGER I’d like to invite you all and to be invited!